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CWL Testing

Time is the most valuable resource you'll ever have. Don't waste time to test for your ND CWL. Test with Dupree where our $175 all-in-one package INCLUDES everything you need to obtain your CWL.

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Selling your firearms with Dupree is easy.  We do the marketing, answer potential buy questions and process 4473 paperwork to ensure the new owner can legally possess a firearm.  All for the low fee of 10%.

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Dupree ships!  Looking for a shipping box for a firearm can be a hassle.  We've got you covered!  Our shipping services include shipping, handling and working with the receiving FFL. 

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Firearms Training

Basic, intermediate and advanced.  Dupree Firearms Training instructors are NRA and USCCA Certified. 

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Self Defense

One-on-One or group settings.  Courses available in our training room or your location.

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