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Dupree Firearms Training

Dupree Firearms Training offers a comprehensive range of services for firearm enthusiasts and professionals. Here’s an overview of DFT provides:

Training Programs:

Basic Training: Designed for beginners, this program covers fundamental firearm safety, handling, and basic shooting techniques.

Intermediate Training: Aimed at those with some experience, this course delves deeper into shooting skills, including accuracy and speed.

Concealed Weapons License (CWL) Testing:

Fingerprinting: Essential for background checks required for obtaining a CWL, medical and education licensing, etc.

CWL Photos: Professional photographs for CWL applications, ensuring all requirements are met.

Notary Services:

Providing official notary services for a variety of legal documents, ensuring they are properly certified.

Firearms Transfers and Sales

Dupree Firearms Training is a one-stop shop for all things related to firearm training and certification, offering a full suite of services to ensure clients are well-prepared and legally compliant.

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102 2nd Ave NW - Mandan, ND

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